Cannabis Cheri: Taming Tincture Harshness; Cannabis Pies, Pies and more Pies!


Hi Everyone,

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so I thought that this issue would make a good time to talk about cannabis infused pies.  Especially since a lot of my pie recipes are Freezer Friendly and can be made in advance.  Also, I tackle a common complaint about tinctures.  Read on!


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Taming the Harshness of Cannabis Tinctures

Marijuana Tincture

Dear Cheri,

I’ve made tinctures with Everclear (in the past, obviously) but they are so harsh I can’t use them sublingually.  Do you have tips to smooth out cannabis tinctures a little?  I plan to try glycerin soon, but I wonder if doing something to evaporate some alcohol might ease the burn a bit?
Get the answers here.

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Marijuana Pies!

Making Mini Marijuana Pies

Who doesn’t love pie?  Nobody that I know.  Even better is the fact that pies are easy to medicate, especially pie crusts (I teach you how), but also fillings (in case you want to be lazy and use a frozen pie crust).

I have created a WHOLE BUNCH of content to help YOU make some incredible medicated pies and mini pies (best for dosing and portion control) this holiday season.  These pies even make thoughtful gifts so make lots!

Check out the pie tutorials and recipes below and enjoy!

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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