Cannabis Cheri: The EASIEST Way to Strain Infusions; Chocolate Muffins


Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to share my newest quick and easy draining and straining hack for cannabis infusions this issue (it does not get any easier than this!).   Also, I finally got around to posting my decadent Chocolate Chocolate Chip Marijuana Muffins recipe.  Read on, but first…

Just a reminder Colorado and Oklahoma friends I am coming your way and would love to meet in person!

Live Culinary and Cannabis/Cannaspa Events in Denver and Oklahoma City!

Hey Colorado and Oklahoma peeps, I am coming your way. I will be teaching cannabis infusions at Culinary and Cannabis’s fabulous CannaSpa events on tour!⁣  They even have a special half-off offer to my online Cooking Course that also gets you a special Q&A session, in addition to the infusions class listed above.  Check out the CannaSpa on Tour website and get your tickets here.

Denver: August 7&8⁣
Oklahoma City: Sept 3&4⁣

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The Quickest, Easiest & Neatest Way to Strain Cannabis Butter, Oil, and Other Infusions!

Mason Jar Straining Lids for Marijuana Butter or Cannabis Oil

I recently stumbled across the quickest, easiest, neatest way ever to strain cannabis infusions like marijuana butter or oil.  It’s also low tech and extremely inexpensive!

You may not realize it but they make all kinds of special Mason Jar lids these days.  Well these screened lids are meant to be used to turn Mason Jars into sprouting jars, and you can use them for this purpose.  BUT they make a fabulous way to strain your marijuana infusions.  There is a special twist to the technique to avoid sediment, so be sure to watch the video, ut this is my new favorite way to strain!
Watch the video that shows how to do it here.

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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Marijuana Muffins

cannabis chocolate chocolate chip muffins

Looking for a decadent way to start the day?  Look no further than these double chocolate weed muffins. Rich chocolate cannabis muffins also make a terrific snack or dessert too, not to mention a thoughtful homemade gift for the cannabis lovers in your life.

I use marijuana infused oil to medicate this recipe.  My making Marijuana Oil tutorial will help you learn how to make it.

Get the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Marijuana Muffins Recipe

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