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As you can see from the photo below, I have been continuing to test topicals and skincare formulas for the upcoming launch of my new DIY Marijuana Topicals online course.  These bath bombs are infused with great scents along with healing cannabis and pain relieving arnica.  What better bath could there be? 
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Marijuana Infused Bath Bombs

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Article description: What's in a Word? The Great Cannabis versus Marijuana Debate

Explore the cannabis community’s manufactured “controversy” over semantics, along with the true origins of the word “marijuana” and how it has evolved over time.
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Marvelous Mangoes!

Marijuana and Mangoes

Marijuana and mangoes have a magical connection because of a commonly shared terpene called myrcene.  Some people even say that eating mangoes before smoking can enhance the high.  Either way, mangoes and marijuana are often a good flavor match!

In this article, I look into that theory by consulting an expert, as well as share mango buying and prep tips.
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Marijuana Mango Recipes

Marijuana Recipes - Mango Upsidedown Cakes

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