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Hi Everyone!

OK, by next week’s newsletter I should finally have a launch date for the topicals course.  I didn’t quite meet my goal of a September launch, but we are VERY close.  All the videos have been shot and they are in the hands of the post-production department.  Extensive class handouts are also written and in the process of being formatted by the graphics department. 

It’s taken a while, and we had lots of unexpected delays but I am really happy with the course content.  There are over 60 formulas (recipes) for topicals of all kinds to help you relax, deal with pain, inflammation, itchiness, skin conditions, cramps, and much more. 

Just to tease you, I will post a sneak peak list of all the formulas that you will learn to make at the end of this newsletter.  In addition to the formulas, the course will teach you how to make them and about how you can harness the power of topical cannabis in general.  Not only will you save a ton of money over buying commercial marijuana skincare products, you’ll also get the best topical for your specific needs.
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Online DIY Cannabis Topicals Course

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hash in various stages of decarboxylation and the Ardent Lift decarboxylator

Dear Cheri,

When decarboxylating hash in an oven should it be broken into pieces, or crushed using mortar and pestle? Or should it be decarbed as is in a solid brick?  I’d imagine the heat would be better distributed if it were in smaller masses, but I figure it never hurts to ask someone else’s thoughts.
Get the answer here.

eat your weed
Mary Jane’s Halloween Party

Images of Marijuana Halloween Recipes

Hard to believe it is already October!  It’s high time to start planning a Halloween party.  This link has everything you need, including a FABULOUS collection of marijuana-infused Halloween recipes!

Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products
Topicals Course Sneak Peak!

jars of marijuana infused healing salves

OK, at the beginning of this newsletter I promised you a sneak peak of the list of all the incredible marijuana skincare products you will learn to make in my new online topicals course (launching VERY soon, like hopefully in under 2 weeks if the internet upload forces of good are on our side).  Here’s what is included:

  • Basic Customizable Salve Formula
  • Peppermint Headache/Tension Tamer Salve
  • Arnica and St. John’s Wort Arthritis Relief Salve
  • Lavender Calendula First Aid Salve
  • Warming Salve for Sore Muscles
  • Multi-Use Lavender Salve
  • Basic Customizable Lip Balm Stick Formula
  • Basic Customizable Lip Balm Pot Formula
  • Copycat Peppermint and Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Rose Tinted and Scented Lip Balm
  • Basic Customizable Marijuana Body Butter
  • Eczema/Itchy Skin Relief Cannabis Body Butter
  • Scar and Stretchmark Cannabis Body Butter
  • Cannabis Body Butter for Aging Skin
  • Cheri’s Favorite Lavender and Green Tea Cannabis Body Butter
  • Chocolate Mint Marijuana Body Butter
  • Basic Customizable Lotion Bar/Speed Stick Formula
  • Warming Pain Relief Lotion Bars/Speed Sticks
  • Anti-Itch Eczema Relief Lotion Bars/Speed Sticks
  • Insect Repelling Lotion Bars/Speed Sticks
  • Citrus and Honey Travel Bars/Speed Sticks
  • Lovely Lavender Cannabis Lotion Bars
  • Basic Customizable Cannabis Bath Salts
  • Menstrual Cramps Marijuana Bath Soak
  • Cold and Flu Season Cannabis Bath Soak
  • Eczema and Psoriasis Relief Cannabis Bath Soak
  • Pain Relieving Cannabis Bath Soak
  • Cheri’s Favorite Green Tea, Lavender and Peppermint Marijuana Bath Salts
  • Invigorating Peppermint Twist Marijuana Bath Salts
  • Fizzy Marijuana Bath Salts
  • Customizable Basic Marijuana Bath Bombs Formula
  • Arthritis Relief Cannabis Bath Bombs
  • Menstrual Relief Cannabis Bath Bombs
  • Sore Muscles Marijuana Bath Bombs
  • Lavender Cannabis Bath Bombs
  • Rose Cannabis Bath Bombs
  • Basic Customizable Wrinkle Serum Formula
  • Cheri’s Favorite Anti-Aging Cannabis Wrinkle Serum
  • 50 Plus Anti-Aging Serum (use carrot seed oil here)
  • Sensitive Skin Cannabis Wrinkle Serum
  • Acne Prone Skin Cannabis Wrinkle Serum
  • Cannabis and Green Tea Eye Serum
  • Basic Customizable Formula for Cannabis Massage Oils or Rollerball Oils
  • Massage Oil for Upset Stomach and Nausea
  • Pain Relieving Massage Oil
  • Sore Muscle Soother Massage Oil
  • Headaches and Tension Tamer
  • Sciatica Massage Oil
  • Immune Support Oil
  • Menstrual Cramp Massage Oil
  • Itch and Bug Bite Relief Oil
  • Invigorating Foot Massage Oil
  • Balancing/Mood Enhancing Oil
  • Sleepy Time Oil
  • Varicose Vein Oil
  • Skin Tag Oil
  • Scar Reduction Oil
  • Stretch Mark Oil
  • Basic Customizable Natural Marijuana Infused Sunscreen Formula with Bronzing Variations
  • Lavender and Cannabis Sunscreen Lotion Bars
  • Zinc-Free Natural Cannabis Sunscreen
  • Cannabis Sexual Lube
Cannabis Cheri Sicard - how to prepare marijuana for cooking


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