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The photo below is me sending out the first round of donations for federal cannabis prisoners Parker Coleman, Edwin Rubis, Luke Scarmazzo, and Lance Gloor.  Round I was over $650.00 and we are now on to Round Two as a number of people have bought necklaces and keychains (or simply donated) in the last few days.

If you missed my original post about this, click here to read the story and find out how you can own a small piece of cannabis history while supporting those paying the ultimate price for the freedoms many of us take for granted. 100% of the proceeds go to the prisoners!

Cheri Sicard with Donations for Federal Cannabis Prisoners

Necklaces and keychians benefitting federal cannabis prisoners.

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Cannabis Learning -

Super Simple Draining and Straining Hacks

Ask ANY cannabis cook about their least favorite part of cannabis cooking and more often than not, it is draining and straining infusions like marijuana butter and cannabis oil.

Cooks hate it so much that Ardent Cannabis came up with a special accessory that works with their FX Decarboxylator/infuser, the Ardent Infusion Press (pictured below), to help.  Check out my full review of this nifty accessory here.

Infusion Press Accessory for the Ardent FX

More on Draining and Straining

As handy as the Ardent Infusion Press is, there are two issues with it:

  1. It only works with the Ardent FX, so if you don’t own this gadget it won’t help you.
  2. With a $55 price tag, the Infusion Press, handy as it is, is kind of pricey.

What to do?  Use one of the 3 other easy draining and straining hacks I came up with.  Find those here.

Photos showing easy ways to drain and strain marijuana infusions.

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INCREDIBLE Versatile Lebanese Garlic Sauce!

Cannabis Toum - Versatile Middle Eastern Garlic Sauce

I love, love, love this Lebanese garlic sauce.  I first discovered it at the regional Southern California restaurant chain Zankou Chicken, then later learned it is a staple in Lebanese cuisine.  Besides being terrific on roasted chicken like they do at Zankou, I use it on nearly everything!  It makes a terrific dip, a sandwich spread, and even a garlicky egg-free vegan substitute for mayonnaise.

Fair warning, you MUST love garlic to like this sauce.  It is super pungent.  But if you love garlic you are going to LOVE Toum or Lebanese garlic sauce.

Get the recipe for Cannabis-Infused Toum: Lebanese Garlic Sauce


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