Cannabis Cheri: Viperspectra LED Grow Light; Awesome Butter Tarts!


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Mitch Mandell, Cannabis Cheri’s cultivation editor, is back this week with a terrific LED grow light that is perfect for small personal grows.  Plus I share one of my favorite desserts, Butter Tarts.  I first became enamored of this dessert back in my days as a circus performer crisscrossing Canada and the US.  Anytime we crossed into Canada, Butter Tarts were a must.  However, I like my current cannabis-infused version even better.  Read on!

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Viperspectra LS 2000 LED Grow Light

Viparspectrs xs2000 LED

Today’s LED grow lights are light weight, quiet (no fans), and put out a full spectrum of light that mimics the sun.  The LED lights of the past were great lights for vegetative growth, but they lacked the proper spectrum to adequately complete the process of producing big, tight, frosty buds.  No more!

There is a whole lot of like about THIS particular grow light.  Mitch Mandell gives a detailed report, PLUS a money-saving coupon code.

Check out the Viperspectra LS 2000 LED Grow Light Review

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Cannabis Butter Tarts

marijuana infused butter tarts

Classic Butter Tarts date back to the pioneers who settled the Canadian prairies.  This maple-enhanced version also gives a nod to Canada’s east coast.  And of course the cannabis is a nod to Canada’s being the first G-7 nation to legalize marijuana.

Naturally, I use marijuana-infused butter to medicate this recipe.  My How to Make Cannabis Butter tutorial will teach you how to make it.
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