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Hi Everyone,

In this newsletter we explore the topic of marijuana and red eyes.  You might be surprised to learn that even EDIBLE cannabis can make your eyes red!  More below along with what you can do about it.

Plus you might have noticed I have been on a Canadian dessert kick lately with Maple Marijuana Butter Tarts last week and Beaver Tails the week before. This week’s recipe is perhaps my favorite Canadian dessert of all, Nanaimo Bars, a regional specialty from the Vancouver suburb of Nanaimo.  Read on!

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Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red (and What To Do About It)

red eyes and marijuana smoke
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Dear Cheri,

Am I going crazy?  My eyes always get red after smoking marijuana, but other day I did not smoke at all although I did eat a marijuana brownie.  My eyes were red the same way they are after smoking.  What’s going on? I always assumed it was irritation from smoke that made your eyes red.  So my question is why does weed make your eyes red and do edibles make your eyes red?  OK, that’s two questions.   Thanks in advance for your insight and all your great educational content, I have learned so much from you already.

Awww, thank you for your kind words.  OK, quick answer, no you are not going crazy…at least not because of this.

To be sure different people have different sensitivities to the red eye phenomenon, but first and foremost having red eyes after using marijuana is not dangerous and might even be beneficial.

Believe it or not, how much your eyes turn red can have a lot to do with the amount and quality of the herb you are consuming, regardless of how you consume it.

That’s right it does not matter if you smoke cannabis, vape it, or eat infused edibles, these ingestion methods can ALL result in red eyes.

That’s because it is not the smoke in marijuana that causes redness but rather the THC.  So you were not imagining your red eyes after consuming a pot brownie.

Read more including how to reduce eye redness.

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Marijuana Nanaimo Bars

marijuana infused Nanaimo Bar

This B.C. specialty (from Nanaimo, a suburb of Vancouver), was made to be medicated!

These layered bars made their debut in a 1950s cookbook from the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo.  They’ve been growing in popularity ever since.  My first encounter with them was back in the 80s when I made my living as a circus and variety arts performer.  A producer I worked a lot for at the time had several dates a year booked at a small Vancouver theater near (but not in) Nanaimo.  Near was close enough for every coffee shop to have stocks of the sweet treats offered in the vicinity of the checkout register.

My friends and I quickly learned that different cooks had their own variations on the legendary local dessert and the quality could vary substantially from purveyor to purveyor. I hope my medicated version passes muster.  My recipe testers thought it did and then some!
Get the recipe for Marijuana Nanaimo Bars

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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