Cannabis Cheri: Why Your Cannabis Needs Boveda; Holiday Style; Eggnog!


Hi Everyone,

It is hard to believe the holidays are almost here.  To celebrate, I have included a round-up of hillarious cannabis themed sweaters and sweatshirts, and also two recipe variations on a favorite holiday theme: egg nog.  Also check out the article on Boveda, this inexpensive little item can keep your stash fresh and perfectly cured, even after LOOOOOOOOOOONG term storage.  Read on!

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Why Your Cannabis Needs Boveda

Boveda 2-way humidity control packs for cannabis

Whether you grew it yourself or you buy from a dispensary, you can protect your investment in your cannabis stash by putting small Boveda packs in your storage jars.

These little packets work like magic and are a must for long-term cannabis storage.  Put a packet in your jar and you have turned that jar into a small humidor with automatic 2-way humidity control.  Meaning regardless of whether the climate where you live is too dry or too moist, inside your jar of marijuana, you will always have perfectly controlled humidity.  No more dry crumbly weed and no more mold!

Watch the video and get more details about Boveda and what it can do for you, here.

Stoner Style: Hilarious Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Marijuana Themed Christmas Sweaters and Holiday Sweatshirts

Celebrate the holidays in high style with one of these whimsical holiday sweaters or sweatshirts.
Browse the Marijuana Christmas Sweater Collection

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‘Tis the Season for Infused Eggnog!

Vegan CBD Eggnog Recipe

While I don’t have a traditional recipe for the holiday’s favorite beverage (I should work on that this year), I do have two fun variations on theme.

Eggnog Custard - Marijuana Recipes

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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