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Hi Everyone,

In case you missed it, I was briefly on The Doctors this week, teaching a group of seniors about cannabis cooking during a feature they did about Seniors and marijuana.  Watch the clip here!

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Ask me Anything (AMA) About Cannabis Cooking at Home!

Ask Me Anything ABout Cannabis Cooking at Home

I am hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about cooking with cannabis at home. It starts next Tuesday at 6PM EST. You can ask questions now, answers will go live on Tuesday! Check it out!
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Marijuana Recipes: Slow Cooker Beef and Bean Chili

Beef and Bean Chili from The Easy Cannabis Cookbook

Get ready for the big game!  This recipe is reprinted from my book The Easy Cannabis Cookbook (2018, Rockridge Press) that contains over 60 easy medicated recipes for both sweet and savory favorites.

Using a slow cooker let’s you set this recipe early in the day and forget about it until dinnertime.

Let your guests “play with their food” by offering an array of garnishes and condiments along with the bowls of chili. Grated cheddar cheese, diced raw onions, sour cream, and a selection of your favorite hot sauces make good choices.

This is sort of a Texas style chili. I say sort of because it uses no tomatoes, which is traditional for the Lone Star state.  But it is non-traditional as I like to include beans in my chili for additional texture and flavor, but especially because of the healthy fiber and nutrients they add. Extremely non-traditional is addition of marijuana, but hey, I feel it’s HIGH time Texas gets with the program.
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Use Marijuana Oil to medicate this recipe.

 See You Next Week!

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard


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