Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Gandalf Pipes; Versatile Marijuana Infused Mango Chutney


Cheri Sicard - Cannabis cook3-17-18

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!  I wish I had a good Irish recipe to share with you.  I had good intentions, but time got away from me.  I even missed last week’s newsletter (sorry).

I have been very busy lately updating my comprehensive online Cannabis Cooking Course.  I just added a bunch more lessons including the Mason Jar infusion method (great for when you want to make a small amount) and new infusion lessons on milks, cream, vegan miks, honey, syrup, even granulated sugar and making simple tincture.  I also added a new lesson on draining and straining hacks that makes quick work of these tasks.

Once enrolled in the course you get lifetime access to the course.  Watch the lessons whenever you want, as many times as you want, from wherever you want.  Any future upgrades, like the ones we just made, are included at no additional charge.  Check out the full curriculum at this link.

Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products
Chameleon Glass Gandalf Pipes

Chameleon Glass Gandalf Pipes

These are some of my favorite all-time cannabis pipes, for many reasons. But let’s start with their durability.  The first time I brought one home, my roommate said:

“It’s beautiful, but I give it about a week around our house. You know we can’t have nice things!”

Generally speaking, he’s right. We have prematurely sent many a glass pipe and bong to their graves. We are not careful. We live in a house with all tile floors. We have two dogs, one with a whip-like tail that can clear a coffee table of its contents in seconds flat.  And sure enough, within the first week, my beautiful Chameleon glass Gandalf pipe got knocked off the table.

When the glass hit the cold hard tile with the cling and clang of a dinner bell, I was sure it was a goner. But I was wrong! It didn’t break! WOW.

I would like to say this is the only time the pipe got dropped, but I would be lying. It happened at least 12 more times. Now the Chameleon glass Gandalf pipes are strong, but they are not indestructible. Around about the 13thdrop, it did finally break. Nonetheless, we were SUPER IMPRESSED with the strength and durability of these pipes.  But these cannabis (or tobacco) pipes offer much more than just durability.
Read more.

eat your weed
Marijuana Mango Chutney

Marijuana Recipes -- Medicated Mango Chutney

Use this versatile marijuana recipe for India’s favorite condiment to add medicated flavor and spice to all kinds of foods like simple steamed or grilled meats, poultry, or seafood.  It even works well with grilled tofu and as a creative sandwich addition.  Use your imagination!
Get the recipe!

Cooking with Kief and Hash

Hash and Kief

Use decarboxylated Kief or Hash to medicate this recipe. Find more information on how to make and cook with kief and hash at this link.

 See You Next Week!

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard

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