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Is everyone ready to celebrate 7-10?  If you don’t know what that is, this issue will bring you up to date.  We could use a summer stoner holiday.  Happy 710 Everyone!

Cannabis Cheri Facebook Update

As I talked about in an earlier newsletter, after about 7 years of being online, Facebook suddenly decided my Cannabis Cheri page there “violated community standards.” No matter that hundreds of other cannabis pages (including High Times, Leafly et al) are allowed to exist, and despite the fact that I do not, nor have I ever sold cannabis, my page was strictly informational, Facebook deleted it.  And I lost contact with about 6000 followers.

After getting over my anger, which is futile — they can and will do whatever they want with no reason and no explanation — I started a new page.  I left Cannabis out of the title this time, but it will be the same cannabis news stories that used to be on my old page.  So if you are interested in keeping up with what is happening with cannabis all over the world, follow my new page here: Cheri Sicard, Author, Speaker, Educator.

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Stoner Holidays: Is 710 the new 420?

is 710 the new 420?

Anyone with even a casual knowledge of cannabis culture knows about the famous stoner holiday 420 that takes place each year on April 20th. With every passing year, the day gains greater news coverage to the point where even if you have never, ever tried marijuana, you know there is something going on about it in late April.

But did you know there is another “stoner holiday” that takes place on July 10?
Read More.

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Gluten-Free Marijuana Brownies

Gluten Free Marijuana Brownies

Not only are these delicious, you can make them ahead of time, and they are easy to store and transport as each one is made and served in its own individual jar. I used half pint Mason jelly jars to make 10 individual servings.  The jars are always handy to have around as they provide a better place to store your marijuana stash than the typical plastic baggie or prescription bottle.

Of course the red, white and blue color scheme of this recipe makes it perfect for an Independence Day barbecue or picnic, but these are fabulous medicated desserts to serve all summer long. Experiment with favorite fruits as they come into season – blackberries, strawberries, peaches, and mangos make wonderful alternative choices to the blueberries and raspberries depicted here.

This dessert is easy and takes no special decorator’s skills in order to achieve impressive results! Leftovers will keep in their covered jars for 3 or 4 days in the fridge.
Get the Gluten-Free Marijuana Brownies recipe.

I use marijuana butter to medicate this recipe.  My Making Marijuana Butter tutorial will help you make it.

 See You Next Week!

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