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Happy Friday Everyone,

Before I get to today’s newsletter, I just wanted to mention, if you have not already voted, click the link below to find out cannabis voter info for your area of the country.  And please, get out and vote!

Cannabis Voter InfoThis year’s months are flying by.  I did take a small break this week though to spend time with friends and family who came to visit.  We had a relaxing day at a rustic hot spring tucked away in the mountains of Baja.  Then right back to work on cannabis topicals, including the amazing Orange Vanilla lotion bars pictured below.  They smell like Creamsicles but have the medicinal qualities of topical cannabis.  And they are very easy to make from just a few ingredients. 

I plan on going herb shopping this weekend at a local market in order to make a pain relieving version of this convenient moisturizing bar (well all cannabis topicals can potentially help pain, but this one will also have other herbs such as arnica for stronger pain and inflammation relief).

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How Did Marijuana Become Illegal: From Fake News to Faulty Science

How Did Marijuana Become Illegal? - Reefer Madness
With so much credible scientific evidence about the wonders of medical marijuana, it’s a fair question.  The answer will shock you.  So this Halloween (or whenever you happen to be reading), follow us through the tales of reefer madness in our nation’s history and discover the horrifying truth of how marijuana became, and continues to be, federally illegal.
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eat your weed
Cheese and Chorizo Stuffed Jalapeno Pot Poppers

Marijuana Snack Recipes - Jalapeno Pot PoppersThese little stuffed Jalapeno Pot Poppers, hit all the high notes of great munchies: crunchy, cheesy, creamy, and salty with just enough heat.  With so many flavors and textures going on, you will never notice the flavor of cannabis.
Get the Jalapeno Pot Poppers Recipe

I like to use decarboxylated dry ice kief to medicate this recipe, but you could also use hash. This link will teach you all about cooking with kief and hash, and this link to will take you to an easy 2-minute video that shows just how easy to is to make dry ice kief.

 See You Next Week!

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard

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