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Thanks to everyone who answered last week’s question about what kinds of topicals you want to see in my new online Cannabis Topicals course.  Pain relief balm was the clear winner with cannabis-infused wrinkle creams and serum coming in second and eczema and acne creams along with massage oils having a strong showing.  Don’t worry, I will try to include all of those in the launch of the new course, plus a whole lot more.  We expect to launch in early January.  In the meantime, be sure to click here and sign up for updates, special discounts, bonuses, and giveaways.

Online DIY Cannabis Topicals Course

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Is it Cheaper to Buy or Make Edibles

Is Cheaper to Buy or Make Edibles?

If you regularly buy commercial marijuana edibles because you don’t think you can afford to cook with cannabis, you might want to rethink that equation. The fact is, even if you buy dispensary weed to cook with you’ll, still save by making your own. Not only that, when you make it yourself you can craft your edibles from the foods you like to eat – or that meet your dietary needs. You’ll also get edibles that deliver the exact dose that YOU need.

But let’s talk cash. Is it really less expensive to make your own instead of buy commercially made edibles? Let’s look at some typical scenarios and do the math.
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It’s Apple Season!

Marijuana Recipes - Apple Crisp

Last week I gave you pumpkin recipes, this week I thought I would feature fall’s other favorite fruit, APPLES, with a collection of delicious infused apple recipes.

Apple Marijuana Recipes

Marijuana Recipes - Apple Parmesan Risotto Recipe

 See You Next Week!

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If you haven’t already, check out my new FREE online class “Precise Dosing for Homemade Marijuana Edibles.”  No more guesswork!  In this free class, learn how to figure out how many mgs THC are in your homemade edibles, without lab testing.  You’ll also get access to my FREE dosage calculator tool that does all the work for you.  It takes less than 10 minutes to watch the free video class, so sign up now!


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