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In an update to the 7-10 holiday I talked about in last week’s newsletter, I am sorry to report that Chalice event producers had to postpone their fabulous event due to local interference. I have to give MAJOR KUDOS to Chalice event organizers, however, for not abusing their vendors or attendees (like some other big event producers who shall remain nameless) and offering refunds. This has to be adding HUGE expense and headaches. Chalice has also sued California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control.   I wish them well and would love to see them prevail as that would pave the way for true cannabis events in California for everyone.  Read more about the controversy in Steve Bloom’s excellent article in Freedom Leaf magazine.

Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products
Ish O-Pen Flavored Vapes

Ish O-Pen VapesNobody was more surprised than my friends and I that we liked this product, but we do. We really do! That’s because none of us are regular fans of fruit-flavored vapes, a product usually favored by cannabis newbies as opposed to the OGs. Likewise, I heard a collective groan from my testers when they found out what we were testing. I admonished the crew to keep an open mind and reminded them that even though fruit flavored vapes may not be your personal preference, a lot of people like them and a lot of folks appreciate the consistency they can expect from distillate.

I say all this to let you know that we went into testing the Ish O-Pen vapes with every preconceived notion and prejudice possible.

With trepidation, we picked a flavor and took a puff. The ceramic heating element provided robust hits of the flavored cannabis distillate vapor. Wow, this is not bad! Unlike other flavored vapes we have tried, Ish’s added flavors were not bold, not in your face, and that subtlety is a very good thing and what sets Ish apart from others that have reminded us of Kool Aid.
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eat your weed
Summer Spinach Salad with Reefer Raspberry Vinaigrette

Cannabis Recipe - Summer Spinach Salad with Reefer Raspberry Vinaigrette

Make this fabulous, healthy spinach salad in the heart of summer when the peaches are at their ripest and berries are in abundance for what is sure to become one of your favorite vegan cannabis recipes!
Get the recipe.

I use Marijuana Oil, specifically marijuana olive oil, to medicate this recipe.  My Making Marijuana Oil tutorial will help you learn how to make it.

 See You Next Week!

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard

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