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Dramatic Marijuana Movies!

As Thanksgiving and my almost annual viewing of Alice’s Restaurant just passed, it dawned on me that when it comes to marijuana movies, it seems like there are far less cannabis based dramas than comedies. Perhaps because, Reefer Madness hysteria aside, typical mellow marijuana users aren’t usually all that dramatic. Nonetheless it plays an integral, if not starring, role in a few.  Here are some of my Dank Drama film picks.
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Marijuana Recipes: Kushy Candy Cane Brownies

Peppermint Marijuana Brownies

The idea for this recipe for marijuana brownies came about when a good friend took the Ashley Monroe song Weed Instead of Roses to heart and gifted me with a pan of homemade marijuana brownies (yes, he knows the way to a girl’s heart).  The marijuana brownies were fabulous as in addition to delivering a perfectly dosed balanced buzz, they had a distinct minty flavor.  But when I questioned my friend about them he said there was no mint in the recipe.  The flavor came from the kief he used to medicate the batter.  Hmmm, seems like we happened upon one of the naturally occurring marijuana flavor matches.  Well if the brownies already had a subtle minty flavor, why not add more?  I did and the delicious result is the recipe below, perfect for festive holiday celebrations.  This makes a dense, fudge-like brownie.
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