Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Do Mangoes Intensify the High? Plus MJ Mango Recipes



I have been spending a fair amount of time in Baja, California, Mexico lately.  In the photo, I am getting ready to dig into my homemade infused version of the classic street food Coctel de Elote at a friend’s beach digs (recipe coming in the next issue of Freedom Leaf Magazine along with a travel story about the area).  Recently the mangoes have come into season here and they currently are cheap, plentiful, and delicious!  Of course this prompted me to trot out some of my favorite mediated mango recipes.  This in turn, lead to a discussion among friends about an oft-repeated theory that eating mangoes before consuming cannabis can prolong and intensify the high.

Is this theory real or a cannabis wives tale?  You’ll have to read the article linked to in the Learning section below to find out.  Or do your own experimentation.  Or better yet, why not do both?

Cannabis Learning - heating elements in vaporizers

To find out I talked to Dr. Jeffrey Raber, CEO of The Werc Shop testing lab ( According to Dr. Raber, there actually is something to the claims, although he stresses that a lot of the information about mangoes and marijuana is speculative at best, as it hasn’t been extensively tested.

One of the things Raber says that makes this subject so complex and difficult to generalize is the fact that each plant variety, both mango and cannabis, contains different terpene profiles, and those other terpenes could in theory either enhance or mitigate the effects of other terpenes.  Myrcene is thought to enhance the intensity and length of marijuana’s high because the terpene helps THC cross the blood-brain barrier faster and aid in the body’s absorption of cannabinoids.
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Marijuana and Mangoes: Medicated Mango Recipes

Marijuana Recipes - Mango Upsidedown Cakes

OK, so these recipes do not follow the protocol of eating the mango before you medicate, but because of the shared terpene myrcene, marijuana and mangoes make a terrific flavor match.  Likewise, it only makes sense to make medicated mango recipes!  Here are some of my favorites.

Marijuana and Mango Quinoa Salad

 See You Next Week!

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