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Happy Friday Everyone,

Marijuana sure had some big wins in the midterms election.  While North Dakota failed to pass a measure that would have legalized adult use marijuana, it did pass in Michigan, making the Wolverine state the first in the Midwest to legalize “recreational” cannabis.  Missouri and Utah (yes you read that correctly, Utah) also passed measures legalizing medical marijuana.  Big time thanks and kudos to the hardworking activists in these states for jobs well done.

There was even good news internationally when less than 2 weeks ago the Mexican Supreme Court declared marijuana prohibition unconstitutional in that country.  While the logistical details are still being ironed out, Mexico’s incoming President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has already vowed to end the drug war in Mexico within 3 years of taking office.  As I live in Baja, California, Mexico part time, I was super excited for this news.  

With full national legalization happening in both Canada and Mexico, can the United States possibly be far behind?  Interesting times we are living through for sure. 

Cheri SicardI am shopping for herbs at a botanica booth at a local swap meet near Ensenada, Mexico in the photo above.  The medicinal herbs will augment my cannabis-infused arthritis balm, one of the recipes to be included in my upcoming Cannabis Topicals online course.  If you don’t have botanica stores near you, these herbs are also readily available online.  Sign up here for news, giveaways and deep discounts to this upcoming new course (launching January 2019).

eat your weed
Preparing for a Very Mary Jane Thanksgiving

Here’s your guide to  THCanksgiving with recipes for the entire feast!

Making a Marijuana Turkey

Marijuana Deep Fried TurkeyMany years I forego medicating the entree and instead concentrate on the appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.  The one exception is deep fried turkey.  Deep frying a turkey, let alone making a marijuana deep fried turkey, may sound like a strange concept.  Trust me, it doesn’t come out like you’d think. Deep fried turkey is moist and delicious and not at all greasy. And my injectable marijuana turkey marinade recipes (see below) are so flavorful, you’ll never notice the taste of the cannabis!   Get the Fried Marijuana Turkey Tutorial here.

More Thanksgiving Marijuana Recipes for Home Cooks

Marijuana Recipes - Pumpkin Pie

Marijuana Recipes – Pumpkin Pie

These recipes provide great ways to introduce cannabis into the big holiday meal. Whenever possible I have designed them to be made in individual servings, so it is easy to separate these foods from their “non-leaded” counterparts.  Enjoy!

Marijuana Recipes -- Ganjaja Green Bean Casserole

 Stay Tuned Next Week for a Mini Medicated Marijuana Pie Making Tutorial including Apple, Blueberry and Pecan Pies!  YUM!

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard

Cannabis Cheri Sicard on the optimal cannabis dose


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