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Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

Before I get to today’s newsletter, I NEED YOUR OPINION PLEASE!

It’s time to expand Cannademy. I know a lot of you have taken my comprehensive online Cannabis Cooking Course and still more of you have taken the Free online Dosing Class, so please weigh in on what the next topic should be. At the Cannademy we have come up with 4 potential new courses. Which of these topics are you most interested in seeing us produce a course on:
• How to Host a Cannabis Infused Dinner Party – Whether it is a holiday, birthday, or special occasion, or just for fun, this course holds your hand every step of the way to hosting a fabulous cannabis infused dinner. You’ve read about these events in the New York Times, Vogue, Elle and more. Now you can host one in your own home. Includes full menu with video instructions, party timeline, shopping lists, decorating and music ideas, and more. Not only that, I am the Queen of make ahead, so instead of keeping you stuck in the kitchen all night, the menu is designed so you can actually have fun and enjoy your own party too.
• Cannabis Cooking with FECO and BHO – Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO, along with Rick Simpson Oil and even Butane Hash Oils) is powerful concentrated medicine. Depending on where you live this may be the only THC legally available to you, and folks everywhere seem to have ready access CBD versions. Whether THC, or CBD, or a combination, FECO is great when used in edibles. It provides precise dosing and far better flavor than the typical marijuana butter/oil infusions we are all used to. This course covers different types of cannabis oils (yes, the techniques and recipes in this course will also work with BHOs or Butane Hash Oils), how to use FECO in edibles, recipes using FECO, decarboxylation and dosing with FECO, as well as a review of an optional home gadget that let’s consumers safely and easily make their own FECO at home.
• Instant Pot Cannabis Cooking – If you liked your Instant Pot before, you are really going to love it now! Everything in this course can be made using only the Instant Pot. This multi-tasking kitchen appliance is so versatile that, even if you live in a place without a kitchen (college dorm room kids I am talking to you), you can still not only cook, but cook with cannabis! This course covers how to decarboxylate in the Instant Pot, how to make infusions like cannabis butter, oil, milk, cream, honey, syrup, and tincture in the Instant Pot. Plus lots of great medicated Instant Pot recipes.
• Making Cannabis Topicals – You don’t have to eat your weed! You can rub and massage it in, slather it on, and even soak in it. This course covers how make all kinds of infused topical products like salves, lotions, body butters, massage oils, bath bombs, lip balms, and more.
Please let me know your opinion on what course you would be most interested in by replying to this email, and we’ll get to work! I really appreciate your input.

OK on with today’s newsletter!

Mother’s Day for Marijuana Mamas!

Hard to believe it is almost Mother’s Day!  I am going to depart a little bit from the usual format of this newsletter this week, to focus on content that would make great mother’s day gifts for the marijuana-loving mamas in your life!  Of course, my book Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women (2015 Seal Press), makes a great gift for women of all ages.  It provides a fun accessible introduction to all things cannabis.  And for Cannabis Cooks, my latest book The Easy Cannabis Cookbook (2018, Rockridge Press) will be a welcome gift.

But this newsletter is about more than pitching my books (although I am quite proud of them).  I have some great DIY Mother’s Day gifts you can make as well.  If the moms in your life like cannabis, you have come to the right place!

marijuana DIY

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Marijuana Loving Mamas!

DIY: Make your own marijuana infused citrus bath salts

Infused Bath Salts for a Super Relaxing Bath

What mom would not love to relax in a scented tub of infused bath salts?  The Chicago reader recently tried out my recipe and loved the results(read about here)!  These easy to make bath salts use ordinary cannabis-infused olive or coconut oil and are super quick to make.
Bath Salts Instructions

Marijuana Recipes - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Decadent Cannabis Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Mother’s Day just happens to come at the perfect time of year to take advantage of beautiful, fresh in-season strawberries.  Farmer’s Markets have lots this time of year, and even supermarkets tend to have good deal strawberries this time of year.  While covering those luscious berries in chocolate might seem daunting, it’s not that difficult if you keep a few tips in mind.
Instructions for Cannabis Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Marijuana Brownies
Pot Brownies: They’re a Classic for a Reason!

Why not whip up a batch of cannabis-infused brownies for mom?  My Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Brownies feature has recipes for lots of different variations!

marijuana butter and oil
Infused Butter Or Oil

Does your favorite Marijuana Mama love to make edibles?  Save her some of the work and gift her a batch of infused butter or oil (who knows, she might even let you sample what she makes with it!).

Pipe Saver Ashtrays

DIY Pipe Saver Ashtrays Eliminate Broken Glass Pipes
We talked about this simple to make gift last week, but in case you missed it, here it is again.  Using glass glue, a champagne cork, and an inexpensive glass ashtray, you can make mom an ashtray that will protect her glass pipes!
Pipe Saver Ashtray Instructions.

 See You Next Week!

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard

Cheri Sicard - The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook P.S. – ACCURATE DOSING FOR HOMEMADE EDIBLES!

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