Daily Dose: Decarbing Questions Answered; Mango Salsa with “Baked” Chips


3-8-17 Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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Is Decarbing Always Necessary

Cheri Sicard - Is decarbing always necessaryDear Cheri,

My flower was dry and ground into powder. I did not decarb it. Is decarbing always necessary when I plan to bake with the marijuana anyway?  Can I use the powder in the cookies raw and as they bake will it activate the goodness of the powder?

Good question, especially since a lot of people do not realize the raw cannabis plant contains no THC at all. It does contain THC-A (or THC-acid). It takes the process of adding heat or decarboxylation to make the chemical reaction that converts THC-A to THC.  Is decarbing always absolutely necessary? No.  But is it desirable? Yes!
Read why.

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Today’s Recipe: Marijuana Mango Salsa with “Baked” Chips

Marijuana Recipes - Baked Lime Tortilla Chips with mango Avocado Salsa
Unless you have a big tolerance for edibles, you will probably want to opt to medicate either the chips OR the salsa for this dish.   For those with monster tolerances, I show you how to medicate both, but as with all cannabis recipes, the dosage here is a merely a suggestion. Cannabis cooks should always use an amount that makes sense for their personal needs.
Get the Mango Salsa and Chips Recipe

I use Marijuana Oil to medicate this recipe.  My Making Marijuana Oil tutorial will help you learn how to make it.

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