Daily Dose: Keeping Kief Powdery; Infused Cucumber Radish Salad Recipe


1-26-17 Happy Thursday Everyone!

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Dry Ice Kief before decarboxylation.

Dry Ice Kief before decarboxylation

Dry Ice Kief after decarboxylation

Dry Ice Kief after decarboxylation

 Ask Cheri: Keeping Kief Powdery

Dear Cheri,
What is the best way to keep the kief powdery after I decarboxylate it?  Thank you

Thanks for writing.  Good question and like many things associated with cannabis cooking, it depends. That’s because there are so many different textures when it comes to kief, depending on the plant material it is made from.

Some remain a fine powder, but others can get sticky, especially if it’s good kief.  Some kief can even be gummy after decarboxylation (the process of heating the kief into order to transform the plant’s THC-A into psychoactive THC).

A gentle hand with a mortar and pestle is my usual method, but it won’t work with ALL types of kief.
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Today’s Recipe: Cucumber Radish Salad

Marijuana Recipes

This easy marijuana recipe for cucumber and radish salad goes together in a flash (if you have medicated oil on hand) and makes a super healthy side dish to any Asian style  meal.  I like to use small Persian cucumbers for this salad for their firm texture and slightly sweet flavor, but any type of cucumber will do.  You can make this salad several hours ahead of when you’ll need it.  It also packs well for a picnic lunch on the go!
Get the Cucumber Radish Salad recipe!

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