Daily Dose: Life for Marijuana?; Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates


12-19-16 Happy Monday Everyone!

Today is for surprises.  First an article about our justice system that will surprise if not shock you.  Then a surprising medicated recipe.

Cannabis Learning

Cheri Sicard, founder of the Marijuana Lifer Project, interviewed at the Colorado Capital about the Marijuana Lifers.

Cheri Sicard with keynote speaker Elvy Musikka

Cheri Sicard with activist Elvy Musikka

How Can Someone Get a Life Sentence for Marijuana?

As the founder of the Marijuana Lifer Project, an organization that advocates for federal prisoners serving life sentences for nonviolent marijuana offenses, I am often asked questions that demonstrates how little the general public actually understands about the justice system in the United States.  The questions/comments usually follow one of these themes:

How is it possible for a nonviolent offender to get a life sentence for marijuana?
Wow, how much marijuana were they selling to get a life sentence for marijuana it must have been A LOT?

The answer to these questions will surprise you.  Read more.

eat your weed

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates

Today’s Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates with Honey & Jalapeno

These little snacks pack a powerful flavor punch of smoky, creamy, sweet, and spicy flavor.  While this dish may sound fancy and never fails to impress, it is actually quite easy to make, so don’t let the gourmet ingredients scare you!

See You Tomorrow!

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard


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