Daily Dose: Favorite Marijuana Drinks; Roasted Lemon Haze Brussels Sprouts


2-8-17 Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products

Favorite Marijuana Drinks: Marijuana Edibles are now Sippable!

Edibles Reviews:  Drink Your Weed — Favorite Medicated Drinks!

I have been astounded lately at all the new innovations and terrific products in the commercial marijuana edibles industry.  But some of the best new marijuana edibles aren’t edible at all, at least not in the tradition sense.  They are sippable!

No matter what your taste and style, there is now a commercial cannabis edible to keep you both hydrated AND medicated.   Here are some favorites that have crossed my path lately here in Southern California.
Read more including individual reviews of the products pictured.

eat your weed

Today’s Recipe: Roasted Lemon Haze Brussels Sprouts

Marijuana Recipes - Parmesan Lemon Haze Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This marijuana recipe is not your grandmother’s Brussels Sprouts! Roasting brings out the vegetable’s nutty flavor that pairs wonderfully with tangy lemon and Parmesan for a medicated side dish that it sure to steal the spotlight of any dinner!
Get the Roasted Lemon Haze Brussels Sprouts Recipe

I use Marijuana Oil to medicate this recipe.  My How to Make Marijuana Oil will teach you how to make it.

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