Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Marijuana News; Premium Pre-Rolls, and More


5-5-17 Happy Friday Everyone!

Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Marijuana News; Premium Pre-Rolls, and More

This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up Includes:

 This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up: Feds Admit Marijuana’s Potential to Reduce Opioid Problem;Congress Gives jeff Sessions $0 To Go After Marijuana; Florida Houses Passes Medical Marijuana Bill That Bans Smoking Weed; You’d Be Crazy To Believe This Reefer Madness Study; The Surprising Reason Canada Made Weed Illegal; Trump Won’t Appoint Tom Marino as Drug Czar; Marijuana Bill Gets Final Approval in Vermont House, Future of Legislation Uncertain; NFL Players Fighting Pain with Marijuana; Bring Your Own Cannabis to This LA Coffee House; and more.
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Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products

The Evolution of the Pre-Rolled Marijuana Joint – Premium Pre-Roll Reviews

Humboldt's Finest
Pre-rolls – consumer ready joints of marijuana pre-rolled and ready to smoke for your convenience, are a product that true cannabis connoisseurs normally pass on. That’s because most dispensaries roll their pre-rolls with low quality cannabis. After all, these are usually used as new patient giveaways or bonuses.  But there is a new trend in the cannabis industry of premium pre-rolls and it’s a very good thing. Instead of just a way to use up otherwise unusable product, manufacturers are now producing pre-rolls with quality and care, using first quality premium cannabis.  You can get today’s premium pre-rolls in a single strain, or augmented with concentrates.  Different companies focus on different attributes, so you are sure to find a pre-roll that’s right for you.
Click for reviews of 3 of my favorite Premium Pre-Rolls.

eat your weed

Marijuana Recipes - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Medicated Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Everyone always oohs and ahhs over Chocolate Covered Strawberries, but they aren’t difficult to make. The trick is to keep all water way from the melting chocolate, as even a single drop will make it “seize” and turn into a grainy mess.  Likewise, wash then dry your strawberries well with paper towels before dipping.

Use decarboxylated Kief or Hash to medicate this recipe.  Find more information on how to make and cook with kief and hash at this link.

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