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6-30-17 Happy Friday Everyone!

A small change to “The Week in Weed” I hope won’t disappoint too many people, but I am going to stop writing this column.  It does have a few dedicated readers but not enough to continue.  BUT know that I will post the important cannabis news stories, as I see, on my Facebook page.  So if you want to see the stories that would have been posted in this column, follow my Facebook page and you will stay up to date on current cannabis news from a variety of sources.



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New Threat To Legal Marijuana: Ambulance Chasing Lawyers Filing RICO Lawsuits

RICO Lawsuits and Marijuana

This guest post by Lanny Swerdlow is MUST reading as the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals recently delivered an opinion that opens the door for marijuana opponents to use RICO lawsuits to target any and every one even remotely associated with the cannabis industry, from small time growers to big banks (Bank of America was recently named in a RICO lawsuit).

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law designed to combat organized crime by allowing prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity associated with an ongoing criminal enterprise. When passed in 1970, it was intended to go after the mafia and major crime syndicates. Although it has been principally used in drug cases, it has morphed into a much broader legal universe having been used against everything from the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal to Donald Trump’s University.

Its threat to MJ legalization laws is that RICO allows private citizens to sue “marijuana racketeers” for damage to business or property due to their illegal activities even if they were not directly engaged in its production or distribution.
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Marijuana Recipes: Lemon Haze Berry Trifles

Marijuana Recipes -- Lemon Berry Trifles in a Jar

This is my new favorite dessert! Not only are these delicious, you can make them ahead of time, and they are easy to store and transport as each one is made and served in it’s own individual jar. I used half pint Mason jelly jars to make 10 individual servings.  The jars are always handy to have around as they provide a better place place to store your marijuana stash than the typical plastic baggie or prescription bottle.

Of course the red, white and blue color scheme of this recipe makes it perfect for an Independence Day barbecue or picnic, but these are  fabulous medicated desserts to serve all summer long. Experiment with favorite fruits as they come into season – blackberries, strawberries, peaches, and mangos make wonderful alternative choices to the blueberries and raspberries depicted here.
Get the recipe.


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