Daily Dose: Marijuana and Sex; Cannabis Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries


2-14-17 Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Since most of the world is celebrating love and romance today, I thought I would theme this newsletter according with a guest post by one of my mentors, RN Lanny Swerdlow, and a recipe that would make the ultimate stoner Valentine gift.  As for me, I’ll be celebrating with TWO of my favorite men today, Ben and Jerry!

Cannabis Learning

Marijuana and Sex

 Marijuana and Sex: Two Great Things That Are Even Better Together

Sex and sexuality in modern-day humans has been complicated by thousands of years of human culture, religion and practices. The use of cannabis for sexual enhancement, like the use of marijuana for alleviating pain or facilitating sleep, is nothing new under the sun. Three-thousand-year-old writings from India touted marijuana use for long-lasting erections, delayed ejaculation, facilitating lubrication and loosening inhibitions.

Rituals utilizing cannabis dating back to 700 AD are found in the Hindu-Buddhist tradition known as Tantra, where groups of worshippers engaged in fasting, chanting, prayer, ceremonial purifications, yoga and sexual union. Marijuana is not truly an aphrodisiac as it does not consistently produce a sexually arousing effect, but it can increase libido and desire resulting in increased sexual pleasure and reduced inhibition. The exact mechanism by which marijuana is able to do this is not fully understood, but cannabinoids such as THC have a profound effect on sexual arousal as they interact directly with our body’s neurochemistry and hormonal systems.
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Today’s Recipe: Cannabis Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Marijuana Recipes - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Everyone always oohs and ahhs over Chocolate Covered Strawberries, but they aren’t difficult to make. The trick is to keep all water way from the melting chocolate, as even a single drop will make it “seize” and turn into a grainy mess.  Likewise, wash then dry your strawberries well with paper towels before dipping.
Get the Marijuana Chocolate Covered Strawberries recipe!

I use decarboxylated kief or has to medicate this recipe.  Learn more about Cooking with Kief and Hash at this link.

See You Tomorrow!

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