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Book Reprint: Making Simple Cannabis Tincture

The Easy Cannabis Cookbook by Cheri Sicard - Cannabis TIncture

I recently polled my Facebook followers on which new infusion type I should post as a reprint from my new book, The Easy Cannabis Cookbook (2018, Callisto Media).  Since I have already covered making Marijuana Butter and Marijuana Oil on this site, I gave the readers the choice between Milk and Cream, Honey and Syrup, Sugar, or Tincture.  I cover ALL of these infusions techniques and more in the book, but the one my Facebook followers chose overwhelmingly was (drum roll please):

Cannabis Tincture!

I understand why tincture was such a popular choice.  They are easy to make, easy to use, discreet, and extremely versatile.  I never created many recipes using tinctures because it is easy to just add a few drops to pretty much anything you are making.  Or anything you are eating or drinking.

There are other methods to make tinctures using heat, but since alcohol is so flammable, why take the chance?  The method outlined in my book takes a little time, but no real effort.
Get the Simple Tincture Instructions.

eat your weed
Marijuana Recipes: Eggnog Custard

Eggnog Custard - Marijuana Recipes

Rich egg custard gets enhanced with the traditional eggnog flavors of rum and nutmeg…and a little added something from kief or finely ground hash for this Marijuana Eggnog Custard.  By using the concentrate, the cannabis flavor doesn’t overwhelm, even though this is a somewhat delicately flavored dessert.

This recipe is super easy and quick to prepare (minus baking time) as long as you have oven proof ramekins or baking cups.  You could alternatively make the entire recipe in one larger 3-cup baking dish, but individual cups make it far easier to control portions and likewise the cannabis dosage.
Get the recipe!

I use decarboxylated kief or hash to medicate this recipe.  Learn more about Cooking with Hash and Kief at this link.

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“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard


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