Turn Black Friday Green: Get My Cannabis Cooking Course Free & More Deals!!



Awesome Black Friday Deals for Marijuana Lovers in This Post!

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Don’t snooze on this one. I am about to make visions of sugarplums truly dance in your head!

OMG, WTF, why am I giving away one of my most popular online courses?

Because I am really nice person (for real I am).  But also because I  told my business associates that if we going to do a “black” (GREEN) Friday deal, it had to really be a SCREAMING DEAL!

I also wanted to take away some of your holiday stress.

With this deal you will not only be able to make EXCEPTIONAL homemade gifts the cannabis lovers in your life will truly want, use, and enjoy, you will also be able to treat yourself to the healing, and stress-reducing qualities of cannabis throughout the holidays and long, long after. Like for the rest of your life.

So what is this life changing deal?

Right now though Cyber Monday (11:59 PST Monday Dec 2) when you enroll in my Easy DIY Marijuana Topicals and Skincare Course, you will also get FREE enrollment in my Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks course too!

The cooking course is my most popular course at Cannademy and it regularly sells for $125. After cyber Monday, this money-saving course bundle will not be available. For real. So enroll now!

Prepare to be a rock star among your peers for making such awesome gifts. And don’t be surprised if people will be competing for you to be their Secret Santa next year!

Like the visions of sugarplums, this offer will fade away at 11:59 PM on Cyber Monday (Dec 2). There are no plans to repeat it.

Once enrolled you get lifetime access to both courses including any future upgrades. With a 30-day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose (except this screaming deal) and everything to gain.

Use this link to get this deal (or enter the coupon code BLACKFRIDAYDEAL if you lose the link).  Valid only until 11:59 PM Cyber Monday (Dec. 2, 2019).





MORE Great Black (Green) Friday Deals!

Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator Ultimate Infusion Bundle $105 Savings!

Turn Black Friday Green: Get My Cannabis Cooking Course Free & More Deals!!This special Black Friday through Cyber Monday deal at Ardent cannabis get you their Ultimate Infuser Bundle that contains the Nova Lift Decarboxylator that perfectly decarboxylates your cannabis AND makes small batches of infusions like butter, oil, etc., plus Aredent’s silicone inner sleeve for making infusions, and their nifty strainer funnel that make it easy  to strain and package infusions in one easy step.  Regular price $265.00.  Black Friday deal $160.00.  Enter coupon code PurpleFriday at checkout.

OR if you already have an Ardent Nova Lift, you can get 25% off kits and accessories, including the silicone inner sleeve for infusing and strainer funnel, by using the coupon code Purple25 at checkout.


My personal favorite brand of CBD products is offering 35% off ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in their inventory. Valid Nov 21, 2019 16:00:00 (PST) through Dec 3, 2019 01:00:00 (PST).  Stock up for yourself and for gifts. Enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2019 at checkout.

20% Off Boldt Bags Black Friday Sale

Turn Black Friday Green: Get My Cannabis Cooking Course Free & More Deals!!

Boldt Bags for Hash and Kief Making
My absolute FAVORITE brand of filtration bags for making kief and/or hash.  Ultra high quality, made in the USA at the Boldt Bags factory in Eureka, California, in the heart of Humboldt County.
Enter coupon code CheriBlackFriday at checkout for 20% off.  Valid Thanksgiving Day though 11:59 Monday Dec 2, 2019.


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