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Infusion Straining Hacks: How to Strain Cannabutter Without Cheesecloth 

By Cheri Sicard
May 9, 2019

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Dear Cheri,

I love cooking with cannabis but I hate draining and straining infusions, it’s a pain in the butt and always makes a big mess. Are there easier ways than the usual cheesecloth lined colander?  Can you tell me how to strain cannabutter without cheesecloth?  Thanks.

I agree draining and straining cannabis infusions can be messy. But it does not have to be!

That said, if you are making large batches of cannabutter or cannaoil, the old cheesecloth-lined colander might still be the best method, especially if you used water in the mix.  

How to Strain Cannabutter Without Cheesecloth for Large Batches

For large batches of cannabutter or cannaoil a good alternative to the colander and cheesecloth method is to use a mesh nut milk bag like the one in the photo below.

Cheri Sicard holding a Mesh Nut Milk Bag

These are used to make vegan nut milks, and to strain yogurt cheese, but you can also pour your cannabis infused butter or oil and plant material into one of these in a large bowl, lift up and squeeze the bag to get all the infused butter or oil out then simply discard the plant matter.  Easy!

How to Strain Cannabutter Without Cheesecloth for Medium to Large Batches

French Press Cannabutter and Cannaoil

Another route to easy draining and straining is to actually make your infusions in a French Press coffee pot.

The technique is exactly the same as the Mason Jar infusion method, the only difference is that instead of a Mason jar, you use a French Press coffee..

When it comes for straining the cannabutter, push the plunger down and simply pour out your infused butter, oil, cream or whatever you are infusing.

Woman holding a small jar and strainer

Straining Cannabutter Without Cheesecloth for Small to Medium Batches

If you make small batches of infusions, either using the Mason Jar method or my favorite way in the Ardent Nova decarboxylator, draining and straining is a breeze!

All you need is a small jar and small strainer.  Place the strainer over jar and pour our the contents of your infusion.  It takes seconds and makes no mess!

MORE Quick Easy Cannabis Infusion Straining Hacks!

A while after I made that first video, I discovered a few more easy draining and straining hacks, using a straining canning funnel and the bottom of a Moka Pot Italian coffee pot.  See the video above for details.

In addition to the additional hacks below, find even more at these links:

Commercially Available Cannabutter Straining Hack for the Ardent FX!

If you happen to own my favorite cannabis cooking gadget, the Ardent FX, then you'll want to check out the Infusion Press, made to specifically fit this gadget and drain and strain your infusions in one easy step.  See the video for above details

Use these easy cannabis infusion straining hacks and draining and straining cannabutter or cannaoil will never seem so daunting again. 

Eat your weed!

How to strain cannabutter without cheesecloth

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