4 Things Edible Marijuana and Pit Bulls Have in Common


OK.  You know we were smoking some of the good stuff when we came up with this analogy.  But it is true.  Edible marijuana and Pit Bulls actually DO have things in common.  Read on!

Marijuana Brownie and a Happy Pit Bull

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1. Both are highly misunderstood:
Both Pit Bulls and Marijuana Edibles get a lot of undeserved bad publicity. Not that both can’t cause a lot of discomfort in the wrong hands. However, the truth is cannabis was found in nearly every medicine cabinet before the politics of prohibition painted it with a smear campaign in the 1930s. Likewise, before negative press fueled by unethical trainers and owners took over the narrative, Pit Bulls’ friendly dispositions made them a popular breed for families, even those with young children.

2. Both can be comforting and healing:
In the right hands for the right people both Pit Bulls and edible marijuana can provide significant comfort and healing. Science has shown that dog ownership lowers overall mortality risks by 24%, and marijuana can treat and/or prevent everything from major afflictions like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, to the aches, pains, and stress of everyday living.

3. Both can make you laugh:
Both pit bulls and edible marijuana can be a LOT of fun! Just ask anyone who has ever played with a Pit Bull puppy or enjoyed an edibles fueled attack of the giggles with friends.

4. Most people do not understand how to handle either of one of them:
The key to a joyful, well behaved Pit Bull, as well as the key to a positive and therapeutic edibles experience, boils down to the same thing, proper training.

I can’t help you with your Pit Bull (I reluctantly have to admit my dogs, a Pit Bull mix included, are lovable spoiled brats). However I can DEFINITELY help you have fabulous, healing, therapeutic, out-of-this-world (if that’s what you want) cannabis edibles experiences!

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