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How to Make Cannabis Maple Syrup 

By Cheri Sicard
November 9, 2022

Dear Cheri,

Is it possible to infuse cannabis into maple syrup?  If so, I think this would be great for a wake and bake breakfast!

Well, you CAN make cannabis maple syprup.  However it is different than infusing cannabutter or cannaoil.  If you used the methods for these with maple syrup you will likely get little to no effects from the finished edibles.

Why Infusing Cannabis Maple Syrup with Flowers Does Not Work

Infusing cannabis maple syrup with flowers does not work for the same reasons infusing cannabis honey or cannabis corn syrup does not work.   Because cannabinoids like THC and CBD bind to fats and honey, corn syrup, maple syrups, molasses, and other syrups are all fat free foods. 

The cannabinoids like THC and CBD cling to fats like butter and oil. 

Alcohol is a fat-free solvent that is effective at extracting cannabinoids.  But honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, molasses, et al are not.

Ardent cannabis even put it to the test in their excellent article The Truth About Cannabis Honey. The also give better methods for infusing honey, which I will outline below.  This method works for all syrups and is even the most effective way of adding cannabis to glycerin tinctures.

How to make cannabis maple syrup (effectively)

These techniques will work for infusing honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, molasses, and glycerin. 

I have to say though, even when infusing with concentrates, I like to consume the honey or syrup with something containing fat, or use it in a recipe that contains fat, for the best results.  For instance, biscuits with infused honey AND butter.

Use Concentrates to Infuse Cannabis Maple Syrup

Why does this work?  

Because you are not infusing the cannabinoids into the honey, you are simply adding them to it.  You will not want to strain the mixture, but rather consume all of the concentrate you add.

If you want to infuse maple syrup with THC using concentrates, know that it does not require a long infusion.  Simply gently heat the syrup over warm heat and stir in a cannabis concentrate until dissolved. 

This method will work with kiefhashrosinhash oils, FECO, etc.

Stirring in a little lecithin will help everything emulsify.  I prefer  Sunflower lecithin to soy as it has been minimally processed but either will work.

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