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How to Add Isolates to Cannabis Edibles Recipes 

By Cheri Sicard
May 8, 2024

Dear Cheri,

Can you please explain how to add cannbis isolates to my cookie recipe? I know cannabis works best with a fat, so would I add the isolates to the butter before cooking with it?  Or, would it be better to mix the isolate powder in with my flour?  What do you think is the best way?

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When it comes to adding powdered isolates to recipes the best way will depend on the individual recipe that you are making.  

The most important thing you have to always keep in mind is to mix the isolates evenly throughout your recipe.  This is so that all portions carry the same dosage.

You mentioned making cookies.  Adding the isolates to the flour or the butter would both work, just make sure to mix well.

If your recipe calls for melted butter, the easiest way would be to dissolve the isolates into the butter.

However, if the butter in your recipe stays in a solid state, then mixing it into the flour would be the easiest way.  Just keep stirring, or even give the flour and isolate a quick whirl in a food processor, to be sure it's evenly mixed.

Beyond cookies, when it comes to how to add isolates to cannabis edibles recipes, it will depend on the recipe itself.  Evaluate the ingredients you are using to determine which one would be the best carrier to evenly carry the isolate powder throughout the finished dish and use that one. It really is that simple with easy to use isolates.

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