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How to Make Edibles Easy: Fast, Simple & No-Cook Ways 

By Cheri Sicard
April 5, 2023

Dear Cheri,

I LOVE edibles but I am not much of a cook.  Do you have any ideas of ways to make edibles easy or some recipes for very easy edibles that I could make? Thank you!

Yes, yes I do!  In fact, there are LOTS of ways to make edibles easy!  These techniques are also great ways to make edibles for beginners.

At it's most basic, you could simply pop a decarboxylated cannabis flower in your mouth and swallow it down, no need to make edibles at all.  This post talks more about that.

What other ways are there to make edibles easy?

Not everyone is going to want to chow down on flowers, and I promised you lots of options.  So let's look at some of the other ways to make edibles easy!

Cannabis Tinctures

Marijuana Tincture

When you have a cannabis tincture on hand, whether it be THC or CBD, alcohol or oil based, you can almost instantly medicate any food.  Put a few drops into whatever you are eating or drinking, mix it in, and you are good to go.  

Tinctures can also be used sublingually, which is a different ingestion method.  You use place a few drops under your tongue.  The effects come on faster than edibles but slower than inhaling.  This post talks more about that as well as about using tinctures to make quick and easy edibles.

Recipes Using Cannabis Flowers

cooking with marijuana flowers

If you don't want to simply eat a bud, there are some recipes that you can successfully medicate with ground decarbed cannabis buds.  In other words, no need to go to the time consuming trouble to make an infusion like butter or oil.  This article goes into detail on using cannabis flowers for making edibles.

Cannabis Oil and Cannabis Butter

How to QUickly Medicate Snack Foods with Marijuana

If you do go the trouble of making some cannabis infused butter or cannabis infused oil, and they are not difficult to make, you can use these building blocks of cannabis cooking to make all kinds of quick and easy edibles.

Here are just a few examples.  You will find more quick and easy cannabis recipes in our recipe archive.  In the meantime, here are some good examples:

cannabis vinaigrettes

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Cheri Sicard is the author of Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women, and The Easy Cannabis Cookbook.  Her online courses at have educated 1000s of students about marijuana, cannabis cooking for home cooks, and making infused topicals.

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