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Is It Necessary to Make Infusions from Cannabis Concentrates Before Cooking with Them? 

By Cheri Sicard
September 2, 2020

A question I am frequently asked concerns cannabis concentrates like FECO, RSO, Hash Oils (in all their various forms and textures), Isolates, and Distillates.  The question is always the same:

Do I need to make an infused cannabis butter or oil with the concentrate OR can I just stir the concentrate into the recipe?

Good news!  You do not need to take the time to make a long, slow cooking infusion from concentrates.

Assuming your concentrate is already decarboxylated, you can simply stir it into your recipe.  This works especially well with powdered distillates.

That said, in most cases you will want to dissolve the concentrate into one of the recipe's ingredients as doing so will help you incorporate the medication more evenly and help you avoid some portions that are over medicated while others lack potency.  

If your recipe does contain butter, oil, or another fat, these are good ingredients to gently heat and stir until the concentrate has melted.  If your recipe does not contain butter or oil, you might dissolve in milk, or stir into mayonnaise or some other ingredient.  The idea is to EVENLY incorporate the concentrate into an ingredient before adding the ingredient to your recipe.

But long cooking infusions are not necessary with decarbed concentrates.

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