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What Can I Do with the Leftover Cannabis After Infusing Honey? 

By Cheri Sicard
July 22, 2020

Hi Cheri,

I made some infused honey in the Ardent Nova. I have some left over cannabis still sticky with honey. Could you recommend a use for the leftovers, preferably something without white sugar?

 Thank you.

I would use the leftover cannabis after infusing honey to make some sweetened infused tea.

To make tea from the leftover cannabis after infusing honey , put some of the plant material into your cup with the tea bag, steep, then drain.

Of you could put the plant material in a tea infuser, if you don't know what that is, see this link.
Adding actual tea is optional, but I like to as I think it has a better flavor.  In all instances strain before drinking and you have sweetened your infused tea with infused honey.

I also recommend you add whole milk or cream to the tea so that you add some fat to the equation.  This is because cannabis metabolizes with fat.

What can I do with the leftover cannabis after infusing honey?

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  • I worry about consuming a lot of fat. Is there a healthier way to consume your weed.
    Right now I decarb and eat no infusion. The end result is the same but the taste yuck lol.

  • Hi Cheri. Thanks for your thoughts. Their greatly appreciated.
    What do you think of Mct oil? And how much weed would I use for half a cup of oil. I’m going through my stash to quickly since I started eating instead of smoking. I have a high tolerance.

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