Marijuana Cooking Without Butter: Butter Free Ways to Add Cannabis to Foods


Marijuana Cooking WIthout Butter
Dear Cheri,

For a number of reasons, I avoid eating butter, but so many recipes call for marijuana butter. Are there other ways I can cook with cannabis without butter?



Dear MC,

YES! While butter is a popular ingredient to infuse with cannabis for use in recipes, there are many other ways to add marijuana to foods and keep your recipes butter-free. Fats in general make excellent vehicles to carry cannabis as they bind to THC, but the fat need not be butter.

Marijuana Cooking WIthout Butter

  • You can infuse any edible fat, so consider medicating your foods with recipes that use oil instead of butter. Check out my How to Make Marijuana Oil tutorial for instructions.
  • In baking, infused coconut oil makes a terrific butter substitute in most recipes for cakes, cupcakes, quick breads, etc.  Use the above Oil Making tutorial to make infused coconut oil.
  • Cooking with concentrates such as kief, hash, and hash oils allows you to add cannabis directly into most any recipe, without making an infusion first. Check out my Cooking with Kief and Hash tutorial, and How to Make Dry Ice video for more details.
  • Use a cannabis tincture (tutorial coming soon) to add medication to most any recipe by simply stirring in a few drops.
  • While it doesn’t work well often, there are certain recipes that can be medicated by stirring decarboxylated ground up flowers directly into the food. My Cooking with Marijuana Buds tutorial will give you the scoop.

So as you can see, when it comes to marijuana cooking without butter, there are lots of options to choose from.  The best one for you will depend on the recipe you are trying to make.  Of course, if you DO want to cook with butter, my Making Marijuana Butter tutorial will show you how.

Cannabis COoking for Home Cooks Online Course



    • When making marijuana butter or oil yes, absolutely! Or a triple bath, or quadruple bath, etc. etc. In regards to this article, I am not sure what you are doubling. In most cases yes, but if you want to be more specific, I can better answer.

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