Straining Mason Jar Lids Make Straining Marijuana Butter and Oils Easy! 

By Cheri Sicard
July 14, 2021

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I recently stumbled across the quickest, easiest, neatest way ever to strain cannabis infusions like marijuana butter or oil.  It’s also low tech and extremely inexpensive!

You may not realize it but they make all kinds of special Mason Jar lids these days.  Well these screened lids are meant to be used to turn Mason Jars into sprouting jars, and you can use them for this purpose.  BUT they make a fabulous way to strain your marijuana infusions.

When I discovered these, they came in a set that included 6 special Mason Jar lids: 2 cocktail shaker lids, 2 oil spout lids, and 2 screen sprouting lids.  But I later found you can buy just the screened lids if that is all you need.

Mason Jar Straining Lids for Marijuana Butter or Cannabis Oil

For Best Results, Use 2 Screens!

While I found a single screen did a good job of straining, the holes were a little large which meant a fair amount of cannabis sediment got through.  The easy solution?  Stack 2 screens, one on top of the other, screw onto the jar and you have a perfect cannabis strainer with even strains out sediment!

If you use the Mason Jar method to make marijuana infusions, all you have to do is screw on the special lids and pour.  But even if you use other methods of infusion, this still make a quick and easy way to drain and strain.

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Marijuana infusions, butter and oil, made on a stovetop in a Mason jar.

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