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Microwaving Weed for Edibles, Cannabutter, Cannaoil, and Decarboxylation 

By Cheri Sicard
July 27, 2022

Dear Cheri,

My questions are about microwaving weed for edibles.  Is it OK to microwave cannabis infusions like cannabutter or cannaoil?  Can I use the microwave to make infusions?  How about using the microwave to make edibles? What about decarboxylation in the microwave?

 I guess you can probably tell that I love my microwave!  LOL.

About Microwaves and Weed

Well that’s a lot of questions, but they do all share the common theme of microwaving weed.

Can you microwave weed?  Sure you can.  But the better question would be “Should you microwave weed?”

When it comes to microwaving edibles, I say don’t do it! 

Microwaves are far too unpredictable.  They do not heat foods evenly.  Even if your microwave oven is equipped with a carousel.

Think about it.  You have probably had the experience of heating up some food in the microwave.  One bite is cold while the next burns the roof of your mouth.

While this is a minor inconvenience with non-medicated foods, it is potentially disastrous when it comes to edibles.

The higher the wattage on your microwave, the hotter the food will get, and the bigger problem this will be.

Why?  Because by 392 degrees F THC is completely gone.  But it starts breaking down before that.  (See this post for more details on temperature considerations when cooking with cannabis.)

If you microwave edibles you will potentially be killing off the effects of the THC (or CBD) in parts of, or all of the edible.  You will also render other important cannabinoids and terpenes useless as well.

Can I Make Cannabutter or Cannaoil in the Microwave?

I definitely would not recommend it.  For the exact same reasons stated above.  It is too unpredictable.

Furthermore, cannabis infusions like cannabutter and cannaoil infuse better at lower temperature for longer periods of time.

The microwave is simply not the best option.  You are better off using the Mason Jar method on the stovetop, or a gadget like the Ardent FX, that takes all the guesswork out of both decarboxylation and making marijuana infusions.

Can you microwave cannabutter to soften or melt it?

microwaving weed

Again you can, but I don’t think you should.  There are better methods of accomplishing these tasks.

Soften cannabutter at room temperature.  If you need to melt cannabutter, melt on the stovetop over low heat, stirring constantly, in order to preserve the delicate cannabinoids. 

These are both better methods than microwaving cannabutter.

Not only can microwaving cannabutter ruin its potency, if it gets too hot it can also alter its flavor and give it a funky smell.

Can you decarboxylate in the microwave?

Nope.  Decarboxylation in the microwave is definitely NOT a good idea either. 

Proper decarboxylation depends on some fairly precise temperatures and periods of time.  The microwave is a TERRIBLE tool to try to accomplish this. 

My cannabis decarboxylation tutorial will give you better methods.  Or a gadget like the Ardent FX will take all the guesswork out of proper decarboxylation of both THC and CBD.  But please, please, please, forget about decarboxylation in the microwave!

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    Microwaving Weed Brownies and Other Edibles in the Microwave

    For some reason, more people ask me about about microwaving weed brownies more than they do other edibles. 

    But no matter.  Once again my answer is don’t do it! 

    It doesn’t matter if it is cannabis brownies or any other kind of edibles or cannabis infusions!

    Repeat after me kids, microwaves are too unpredictable for edibles!

    Not in a box, not with a fox, not here or there, not anywhere!  

    Avoid mixing microwave ovens and cannabis.

    microwaving weed - good idea or disastrous mistake?

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