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What’s the Ratio of Kief to Flowers when Cooking with Cannabis? 

By Cheri Sicard
November 11, 2020

Dear Cheri,

What’s the ratio for using kief instead of flower in cannabis cooking?

There is no one exact ratio as the THC percentage in kief will depend on the strength of the flower that made it.

  • THC ranges in flowers are usually 10-25%.  I say usually cause they can go lower and in rare cases higher.
  • THC ranges in kief are usually (I say usually cause they can go lower and in rare cases higher) 25 - 40%.

If you don't have a lab test, you will need to determine where the material you are using falls in that range.  The best way to get an instant read on potency is to smoke or vape a little.

Estimating THC percentage in both flowers and trim takes a little practice, but you will get better at and learn each time you do it.

Take my free dosing class or get my dosage calculators (that do all the math for you).  Both have lessons in how to estimate THC percentages.

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