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Can I reuse cannabis to infuse a 2nd batch of butter or oil? 

By Cheri Sicard
February 7, 2024

Dear Cheri,

I was curious.  Does decarbing and infusing get all or most of the THC (or CBD) out of the plant material? If not, my question is, can I use the same plant matererial, in other words reuse cannabis, to make another batch of cannabis butter or oil? Would that be worth the effort?  Thanks.

Cannabis in butter, what is the shelf life of decarboxylated cannabis? Can use the same cannabis to infuse a 2nd batch

I do appreciate your thrifty spirit!  However, the short answer is it's not worth the effort in my opinion.

In answer to your first question, no, you will never get 100% of the THC (or CBD, etc.) out of the plant material you are cooking with when making cannabis infusions like butter or oil.  But if you did it properly you will get most of it.

However, it is true that some will be left behind clinging to the leftover plant material.  In my opinion it is not enough to reuse that cannabis to make a new batch of infusions.

I did do some experiments with this when I first started to learn to cook with cannabis.  Not only will making an infusion with this leftover plant material be extremely weak, it will also tend to have more of that yucky green flavor most of us are trying to avoid.

Overall it just did not produce anything that I would ever use.  So I say infuse properly the first time and let that leftover plant material go.

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Reuse cannabis from infusions in tea

how to reuse cannabis for making cannabis tea with milk or cream

One thing you can do to reuse cannabis after making infusions is to make some tea.

I personally don't as I don't like the flavor, but if you want to get every bit out of your cannabis, it's not a bad idea.

Steep a few tablespoons of the leftover infusion material in a cup (or make a teapot full of cannabis tea) much in the way you would when making any other type of tea.  

However, with cannabis tea, before drinking add some cream or full fat milk (or the vegan equivalent).  That's because cannabis metabolizes with fats not water, and adding something that contains fat to the cannabis tea will help you feel the effects.


So can you reuse cannabis after making infusions to make another batch of infusions?  Technically you can, but I definitely do not recommend it.

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