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Using a Water Bath Canner to Make Cannabis Infusions 

By Cheri Sicard
March 6, 2024

Dear Cheri,

Can I use a water bath canner to make cannabis infusions like cannabutter and cannaoil?  Thanks for any insights!

Yes, absolutely!  This is a terrific use of a water bath canner, if you happen own one.  Using a water bath canner to make cannabis infusions is essentially the same method, albeit on a larger scale, of the Mason Jar infusion method.  The major difference is that in that method I advise you to place a kitchen towel in the pot of simmering water in order to keep excess heat off of the bottom of the glass jar.  With a water bath canner you don't have to bother because it holds the jars on a rack above the bottom of the pot.  Otherwise it is the same, you are infusing by placing the jars in simmering water.

water bath canner and rack, used for making cannabis infusions

About Water Bath Canners

If you unfamiliar with this kitchen gadget, they are used to can tomato sauce, tomatoes, and many garden vegetables.  It's important to not confuse a water bath canner with a pressure canner which is a different animal.

Water bath canners, when not being used to make cannabis infusions, are meant to can high acid foods, hence their popularity for tomatoes.

Pressure canners are a specialized and expensive piece of kitchen equipment used to safely can meats, eggs, and other low acid foods.  I do not recommend pressure canners for cannabis infusions.

Advantages of a Water bath Canner for Cannabis Infusions

Using a water bath canner to make cannabis infusions, shown cannabutter and cannaoil

You certainly don't need to buy one to make cannabis infusions.  However, if you are gardener you might want to consider it because you can also use it to can your annual harvest.

That said, using a water bath canner to make cannabis infusions has a few advantages:

  • It's simple and efficient.
  • As mentioned above, the Mason jars are insulated from high by the rack in the water bath canner.
  • The accessories that come with a water bath canner, namely the jar lifter, make it easy to get the Mason jars in and out of the boiling water. (This tool is also handy even if you use the Mason Jar infusion method to make one jar of infusion at a time.)
  • As most water bath canners hold six Mason jars or more, you can infuse several things at once, for instance cannabutter, different types of cannaoil, or infusions make with different strains.

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