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Weed Chicken Stock: Can you infuse chicken broth with cannabis? 

By Cheri Sicard
October 12, 2022

Dear Cheri,

Eating butter and oil makes me sick and the thought of infusing THC into milk or cream also makes me sick.  But I am wondering if infusing cannabis into chicken stock could be effective?  What are your thoughts on weed chicken stock?

Actually, I have thought about doing this but have not tried it.  That’s because when I thought about it more I realized a couple of inherent problems with making chicken stock infused with cannabis.  Although I do have a suggested solution.

What you would be infusing is the fat in the broth not the broth itself.  Typically there is not a lot of fat in the finished product when making chicken stock, as most of it is skimmed off.  This presents a problem as you would be throwing out good part!

 So I do not believe you could get the stock very strong and making weed chicken stock would ultimately waste weed.  However, I have two options of what you can do. 

What’s the solution to making Weed Chicken Stock?

weed chicken stock with matza balls

The first option, while it would medicate the chicken stock, is not a great solution.  That would be to use as fatty chickens as you can find to make the stock and do not strain it. 

But who wants to eat greasy soup?   Yuck! 

Likewise, I do not recommend this methos unless you don’t mind greasy stock.  But I am guessing you would.

What you can do instead is to infuse the chicken stock, which will make it lightly infused, BUT do not throw out the fat you skim. 

This is schmaltz or rendered chicken fat.  In Jewish cooking it is used as an ingredient/fat in recipes.  

Infused schmaltz would be a natural byproduct of making cannabis infused chicken stock.

Matzah balls seem like the natural thing to make, as they are delicious served in chicken broth.

Even though though my Matzah Ball recipe uses cannabis infused oil, you can simply substitute the infused schmaltz for it.

Using schmaltz to make matzah balls would actually make the recipe more traditional.  Although traditional matzah balls don’t usually contain cannabis.

How to add cannabis to homemade chicken stock

So how would you add cannabis to chicken stock? 

I would add crumbled decarbed cannabis flower along with the chicken, vegetables and and any other seasoning you regularly use to make chicken stock.  

Simmer the stock for as long as you usually do.  Strain out the used flowers with the rest of the ingredients.  Chill.  Skim off the infused chicken fat and save to use in recipes such as matzah balls.  

The stock that’s left behind will still be lightly infused.  How much will depend on how much fat you left in it.

Dosing notes on Weed Chicken Stock

Figuring the dosing for weed chicken stock presents a challenge.  That’s because you don’t actually know how much infused chicken fat is left in the strained stock.

The fat you strain out to use as an ingredient, you can estimate a little better by using my dosage calculators.  But even this is going to be off a little bit in a dish like infused stock because it not near so exact as say a cupcake recipe.  But it can give you a general idea, but I would then estimate down.

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