Cannabis Recipe Collections: Marijuana Cookies

photos of marijuana infused cookies

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Who doesn’t love cookies?  Besides being a favorite treat with a style that appeals to everyone, cookies are great foods to medicate as they usually contain substantial amounts of butter, some or all of which can be substituted for marijuana butter.

Why are cookies so great, beside their flavor?  Cookies make portion control and dosing easy.  Nobody has to guess about how much to eat.  And as you have probably already figured out, dosing is the trickiest part of cannabis cooking. 

(Don’t worry, my FREE online Edibles Dosing class can help you get it dialed in).

Freezer Friendly Cannabis Cookies

Most cookie doughs can be frozen in their unbaked state, either in a log or as individual cookies.  Then all you need to do is slice and bake, or place individual cookies on a baking sheet and bake.

How great is that?  Hot out fo the oven medicated cookies any time you want them?

OK on to the recipes for my favorite Marijuana Cookies!

Cheri’s Favorite Cannabis Cookie Recipes

Pictures of Marijuana Infused Cookies

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