Festive Holiday Cannabis Recipes for Infused Celebrations 

By  Cheri Sicard

 November 21, 2019

Happy Holidays Everyone! Celebrate with Festive Holiday Cannabis Recipes

There's no doubt then when it comes to the holidays, food is always an important component.  So is cannabis for cannabis fans.  So why not combine the two make whip up some festive holiday cannabis recipes?

You Holiday Cannabis Recipe Cookbook

I thought it might be handy to gather my favorite festive holiday marijuana recipes in one easy to access place.

In addition to the holiday cannabis recipes below, be sure to check out my feature on Giftable Marijuana Recipes you can make in your own kitchen.  If you know cannabis lovers, making them some holiday edibles is a memorable, loving and thoughtful gesture.  And it's fairly easy on your wallet.

Cheri's Favorite Festive Holiday Cannabis Recipes 

Be sure to hit the "load more" button below to scroll through the entire holidays cannabis recipes collection.  Good news!  Many of the recipes are also freezer friendly, so you can prepare for the holidays far in advance!

4 festive marijuana infused holidays foods

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