Easy to Make Weed Cupcakes Marijuana Recipe Collection 

By  Cheri Sicard

 June 12, 2019

Weed cupcakes are great ebiles to have on hand.  They keep well, pack well, and travel well.  

Cannabis cupcakes are also a wonderful addition to 420 birthdays and celebrations.  

They make terrific DIY edibles gifts  for cannabis lovers too.  Who doesn't feel special when given a cupcake?

When it comes to making medicated cakes, I far prefer to make weed cupcakes as opposed to one big cake. 

Why?  Because cupcakes make portion control and dosing easy.  Nobody has to guess about how much to eat.  And as you have probably already figured out, dosing is the trickiest part of cannabis cooking. 

(Don't worry, my FREE online Edibles Dosing class can help you get it dialed in).

Freezer Friendly Weed Cupcakes

Many of these marijuana cupcake recipes make far more than you can or should eat at any one time.  But another advantage to making Weed Cupcakes is that they are easy to make in advance, then store in the freezer for later.  Just cool completely, wrap well individually, then freeze.  When you are ready to eat, simply bring to room temperature and enjoy. 

How great is that?  Have weed cupcakes on hand any time you need or want them.  In most cases, this works for both frosted or unfrosted cupcakes.

OK on to the recipes!

Cheri's Favorite Cannabis Cupcake Recipes

Recipe collection of Marijuana Cupcakes

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