The Week in Weed 10-1-11 — Cannabis News


Cheri Sicard - The Cannabis Gourmet CookbookUnless you are a member of the “choir” (my affectionate name for the hard core cannabis activists who live this movement day in and day out), chances are you’re going to miss a lot of cannabis news.  It’s not that there isn’t any, things are happening in the word of marijuana all the time.  But the mainstream media never seems to make it a priority to report on it.

So, since I follow these things, and am on every cannabis mailing list imaginable, I thought it might be a good idea to do a weekly round-up of the compelling stories that came across my desk the week before.  Sometimes I might discover stories older than a week old but still timely, so I’ll pass them on too.  If you have suggestions for stories to be considered for inclusion in next week’s round up, use the Contact Us form here and let me know.


Marijuana Legalize On Obama’s Desk Thanks to Online Petition –  The White House asked the citizens to draft and sign petitions on issues important to them.  Once again, cannabis tops the list.  Can they ignore it again this time?

Feds Say Medical Marijuana Patients Can’t Own Guns — A new federal policy clarifying that it is illegal for medical marijuana cardholders to buy firearms and ammunition has both medical marijuana and gun rights advocates outraged.

NYPD Ordered to Stop Arresting Minor Pot Possessors — NYC may no longer be the capital of marijuana arrests.

More on Marijuana and Crime — On the heels of last week’s Rand study, showing crime increased when medical marijuana dispensaries closed, comes a UCLA study that gives even more details.

Medical Marijuana Defendant Joe Grumbine — Toke of the Town interview with defendant Joe Grumbine, the former operator of 2 California collectives, who was denied a medical defense in a STATE CASE! ( A state where medical marijuana has been legal for over 15 years!).


Legalizing Marijuana, Is it the Christian Thing to Do? — Americans apparently believe the most important issue facing the public is the legalization of marijuana, if a popular petition on the White House’s “We the People” website is any indication. Some Christians are of the opinion that decriminalizing the drug is more in line with Christian beliefs.


Tell Your Representatives to Co-Sponsor HR 2306: The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act — For the first time since 1937, lawmakers have introduced a bill into the House of Representatives to end federal marijuana prohibition.


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