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Cannabis Cheri SicardUnless you are a member of the “choir” (my affectionate name for the hard core cannabis activists who live this movement day in and day out), chances are you’re going to miss a lot of cannabis news.  It’s not that there isn’t any, things are happening in the word of marijuana all the time.  But the mainstream media never seems to make it a priority to report on it.

So, since I follow these things, and am on every cannabis mailing list imaginable, I thought it might be a good idea to do a weekly round-up of the compelling stories that came across my desk the week before.  Sometimes I might discover stories older than a week old but still timely, so I’ll pass them on too.  If you have suggestions for stories to be considered for inclusion in next week’s round up, use the Contact Us form here and let me know.


A Look at Demand Side Policies in the War on Drugs and a CNN Poll — A thoughtful examination of the policies surrounding the drug war, plus a CNN poll on legalization with an overwhelming majority (94.88% as of this writing) favoring full legalization, not just for medical purposes.

Over 1500 Michigan Protesters Gather for Patients’ Rights — Michigan’s largest pro-marijuana rally ever was spurred by an appeals court ruling last month that resulted in the closing of many of the state’s estimated 400 to 500 medical marijuana dispensaries.  Be prepared to grow your own if you live in Michigan, if the powers that be get their way.

Victory! Medical Marijuana Activists Block County Ban — Kern County, CA cannabis proponents have met the deadline to gather enough signatures to block a county ordinance that would have banned dispensaries.

California Marijuana Street Fair Fuels Debate Over LegalizationThe Cristian Science Monitor weighs in on the state of the marijuana debate from Oakland’s International Cannabis and Hemp Expo.


PBS Travel Guru Ruck Steves on Why Using Marijuana is a Civil Liberties Issue — Travel guru Rick Steves candidly discusses his feeling on cannabis at Seattle Hempfest.


Register Now for Early Bird Discounts to the World’s Largest Pro-Drug Policy Reform Conference — The Drug Policy Alliance ill hold its semi-annual reform conference November 2-6 at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, California.  You’ll join city, state, and federal elected officials, health care professionals, students, grassroots activists, people in recovery as well as active drug users, treatment providers and more — all working to change this country’s drug policies so that they reflect the principles of health, justice, compassion and human rights.

Support Federal Protection for Patients — Contact your Representative today! Urge support for HR 1983, the States’ Medical Marijuana Protection Act of 2011, which would provide a medical necessity defense for patients and caregivers in federal court. Introduced by Representatives Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX), HR 1983 also reclassifies marijuana to a level that would allow doctors to prescribe it like other medications.  You can reach your Representative by calling the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121, or click the link to send an email.

Huge Freedom Rally for True Justice in Long Beach, CA — Sept. 15th, join The Human Solution and 100s of concerned citizens as they gather in a peaceful rally to protest California’s prosecution of medical marijuana cases, stop law enforcement abuse, and protect patient rights and safe access.


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