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Interested in having your product featured on this website?   You have come to the right place.  Please check out the details on this page and, if applicable, fill out the contact form below.

Sorry.  We do not accept sponsored posts (yes, this includes "guest posts") unless they are clearly labeled as such!!!! 

Product Reviews/Features

Call me old school (OG), but I come from the print world where reviews were not simply "product placements."  Likewise, here's the deal:

If you would like your product featured on this website and its newsletter and YouTube channel, you are welcome to send us a sample to try. If we genuinely like it, we will write/video about it. If we don’t, we won’t. We usually run products by a sampling of consumers, both experienced and green (pun intended), to give us a more well rounded idea of how the general public will respond to the product before we feature it. 

We do not charge for reviews (that would be a blatant conflict of interest).  We do not do negative reviews, unless we feel a product is so bad it is a danger to the public (so far that has not happened).  

All that said, we have been sent many products that, based on our own experience coupled with the feedback of our testers, were not of high enough quality and/or high enough value, to merit our recommending them to our readers/viewers.  

Our audience, and our credibility with them, are our focus.  So please be aware, just because you send a product for potential review, does not necessarily mean we will review it.

Affiliate Links and Products

We are open to affiliate programs, but again, ONLY if we have actually tried the product and think it is of quality and good value.  We do reviews without affiliate links too, but if we have an affiliate/ongoing relationship promoting a product, it means we (and/or enough of our testers) REALLY liked it.

Paid Product Placements

We are open to paid and sponsored product placements and advertisements, BUT, they will be clearly labeled as such.  

I am also open to being a brand ambassador for your product IF I genuinely like the product.  

When in doubt, please refer back to my statement above about my audience and my credibility with them. Thank you.