Happy 420! History of the High Holiday; 420 Deals; Plus Medicated Munchies!


Happy 420 Everyone!

4-20 is the stoner’s “High Holiday.”  I am always ready for any reason to celebrate cannabis.  But traditionally this day is also becoming a great time to snag deals on cannabis-related merchandise, and cannabis itself if you live in a legal state, as everyone has got deals.  Find some good ones below, along with a history of how 420 began, a 420 SPin and Win game where you could win some great prizes, and some of my favorite medicated munchies recipes.

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The History and Origins of 420

history of 420
420 in Denver a few years back

A lot of frequently repeated myths surround the origins of 420, but in this quick-read article, former High Times editor Steve Bloom gives us the low down of how the traditional really got started.
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Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products

420 Deals & Steals

420 Spin to Win Game

420 Spin to Win Game

You Could Win One Of 8 Grand Prizes Including:

Genius has partnered with 5 of the top cannabis companies in the industry to bring you one of the biggest giveaways ever!

  • Genius Pipe: 420 Mystery Box Genius
  • CBD: CBD Pain Relief Rub + Tattoo Lotion Bundle
  • Kasher: Kasher Classic 10-Pack
  • Elev8: Go Pack
  • Cannabis Cheri: Any Online Course From Cannademy
  • Smoke Hut: Rick & Morty Bamboo Box w/ Rick & Morty Grinder and Rick & Morty Glass Jar
  • Cannareps: Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 Certification Course
  • Cannareps: Cannabis Sommelier Toolkits (2)

Click here to play the 420 Spin to Win Game

Ardent Cannabis

Ardent Cannabis, makers of the FX and Nova (my FAVORITE COOKING GADGETS) are offering specially priced 420 Bundle deals of their most popular products and accessories.  The FX and the Nova perfectly decarboxylate your cannabis, then you can make butter, oil, and other infusions, right in the device, AND you can even bake edibles in it too!
Check out ALL of Ardent Cannabis’s 420 Deals here.

DaVinci Flower Vaporizers

Article title card with photo of a woman using a DaVinci cannabis flower vaporizer

Genius Pipes and Accessories

eat your weed

How to Medicate Snack Foods

How to QUickly Medicate Snack Foods with Marijuana

We’re getting ready to celebrate 420 around here, and I thought, what better way to help you celebrate than to show you how to quickly and easily – almost instantly – medicate all your favorite snack foods with cannabis.
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More Great Munchies Recipes

If you have the munchies the medicated recipes in the Cannabis Snacks archive have got you covered with snacks for all tastes, occasions, and seasons.
Cannabis Snack Recipe Archive


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