Happy 420!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheri Sicard

Cheri in Denver, CO on 4-20, 2011

Happy 4-20 everyone.  How will you celebrate?  No matter how much fun you have, please take a moment to remember our POWs who are still in prison for plant.

Historic 4-20 Celebration!!!

High Times to Hold First Recreational Competition in the US in Denver— The Rocky Mountain High may never come down again after this April 20th marijuana smoke-a-thon in Denver.  The “420” marijuana holiday is expected to draw more than 50,000 pot enthusiasts to Denver’s Civic Center Park.  At EXDO Event Center, just a couple miles away from Civic Center Park, thousands are expected to attend the High Times event as judges from around the world vote for the best in marijuana.

What is the story behind 4-20?

I have had heard more versions than I can count.  Almost as many versions as I have heard of the “true” meaning of OG.  And everyone swears that their is the honest to god true version.  I have no idea.  But I AM contemplating making up a few more to throw into the mix just to see how long they take to circulate back to me (evil grin).  In the meantime, here are some different perspectives to contemplate:

The Real Story of 420 — Former High Times editor Steven Hager let’s us in on the story.

420: Birth of a Stoner Nation — And for another take on the origins of 420 story, check out former High Times writer Steve Bloom’s piece in Celeb Stoner.

The Meaning of 420 — The Huffington  Post’s Ryan Grim Examines the Question Further:  “Depending on who you ask, or their state of inebriation, there are as many varieties of answers to the origins of 420 as there are strains of medical bud in California.”

Urban Legends — And check out this site which offers more theories and debunks many popular versions.


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