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Cannabis Cheri SicardThis Week: War on Drugs Hurts Businesses and Investors Says Forbes; Medical Marijuana Patient Denied Liver Transplant; NJ Governor Denies Clemency for MS Patient; Nevada Marijuana Distribution Law Declared Unconstitutional; CA Appellate Court Overturns Injunction Against Collective; MJ Dispensaries Coming to RI; CO MMJ Registry Sends Names to Wrong People;  Law & Order Special Victim’s Unit Highlights Real Cannabis Problems; First Annual 420 Strike; and More!

Unless you are a member of the “choir” (my affectionate name for the hard core cannabis activists who live this movement day in and day out), chances are you’re going to miss a lot of cannabis news.  It’s not that there isn’t any, things are happening in the word of marijuana all the time.  But the mainstream media never seems to make it a priority to report on it.

So, since I follow these things, and am on every cannabis mailing list imaginable, I thought it might be a good idea to do a weekly round-up of the compelling stories that came across my desk the week before.  Sometimes I might discover stories older than a week old but still timely, so I’ll pass them on too.  If you have suggestions for stories to be considered for inclusion in next week’s round up, use the Contact Us form here and let me know.


Medical Marijuana Patient Denied Liver Transplant —  A man who was refused a liver transplant by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles because he used medical marijuana to cope with his symptoms is hoping his story will change the transplant policies of hospitals around the country.  “Now I just accept it, I deal with it, and I take it one day at a time,” Norman B. Smith told Reason TV. “I realize that the chance of Cedars changing their mind is a long shot. But if I can effect a change, so be it. It is probably too late for me, but I hope it makes it easier for the next guy.”

NJ Governor Chris Christie Denies Clemency for MS Patient — Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey on Wednesday night showed where his heart really is. Christie said he will not grant clemency for John Ray Wilson, a Somerset County man serving a barbaric five-year prison sentence for growing marijuana in his back yard to treat his multiple sclerosis. The governor even went so far as to call Wilson’s MS diagnosis — backed up by medical records — into question.


War on Drugs Hurts Businesses and Investors Says Forbes — A fascinating look at the long reaching arm of the illegal drug trade in Forbes Magazine.  “A criminal cancer is spreading through the global economy, taking its nutrition from the world-wide illegal drug business. In many countries, your travel agent, your lawyer, your banker or your telephone installer is as likely as an assassin or brothel manager to be working for a criminal organization. Almost everywhere, narco-dollars corrupt government officials and business agencies and fuel criminal opportunities.”

Elliot Spitzer: Spending Money Prosecuting Pot is Ridiculous — Former New York governor and attorney general Eliot Spitzer says he not only supports medical marijuana, but thinks we should replace marijuana prohibition with legalization.


Nevada Marijuana Distribution Law Declared Unconstitutional— In a decision destined for appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, a state court judge has ruled the state’s medical marijuana distribution law is unconstitutional.  In his order, Mosley concluded the law frustrates the intent of a voter-approved state constitutional amendment by failing to clear the way for a patient to legally obtain marijuana, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported

CA Appellate Court Overturns Injunction Against Collective — Three appellate judges in Santa Ana say cities cannot use nuisance ordinances to ban medical marijuana dispensaries, just regulate them.  City News Service says the Fourth Appellate justices issued their ruling Wednesday, striking down a preliminary injunction issued by an Orange County judge in May of 2010.  The justices also said nonprofit collectives can only dispense marijuana from where it is cultivated. It can’t be brought from somewhere else and dispensed in a storefront.

Marijuana Dispensaries Coming to RI — Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and the Legislature on Thursday agreed to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the state after negotiating a compromise. Chafee had blocked the dispensaries from opening, fearing they would violate federal law and result in DEA raids in the state.

CO MMJ Registry Sends Names to Wrong People The Colorado Department of Health and Environment is explaining how it sent out sensitive information in the medical marijuana registry, including name, dates of births and Social Security numbers to strangers.


Law & Order Special Victim’s Unit Highlights Real Cannabis Problems — This last week’s Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit episode, entitled Child’s Welfare, highlighted two very real problems concerning cannabis, namely the over reaching of Child Protective Services removing children from otherwise loving homes simply because a parent uses marijuana medicinally, and also the institutionalized racism concerning marijuana law enforcement.  Kudos to Law & Order SVU for shedding light on these horrible problems.  I wish more network shows would demonstrate such courage!


First Annual 420 Strike — In an effort to stop the insanity that has criminalized 25 MILLION of us in this country alone — which means we are arresting over 800 THOUSAND people YEARLY and wrecking 2,000 lives on a DAILY BASIS we are proposing this First Annual 420 Strike on April 20, 2012.   On April 20, 2012 let your lack of money speak for you loudly and clearly! We will all join together and refuse to spend our money on any items or wares except those items that are directly connected to cannabis, made out of cannabis, hemp, marijuana or connect to an event that supports the marijuana movement.  It is only through our withholding our hard earned money that are we going to be able to show the government – we mean business!

Elvy Musikka is one of 4 patients in the USA that has a federal medical marijuana prescription (NOT JUST A MEDICAL RECOMMENDATION). She is proposing this event to raise awareness on how medical marijuana can help patients throughout the country. Join her in this cause of working with the government on changing the prohibition of medical marijuana.


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